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The Muslim astrologer is that type of astrologer who gives the technique on the basis of the Koran's holy book or the Kalam Pak or the sky book of the Muslim religion, the Muslim astrologer solves all kinds of problems if the problems are related to Him Hard or tipical and if the problems are related to an easy or simple problems, the Muslim astrologer give the best solution of the given problems in which the first is problems related to family members, problems related to love,

1. Hypnotism increases by placing the peacock in a festive silk cloth in a pocket.
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2. Hypnosis increases by cracking the root of the white passage and making the tilak.
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3. Women try to see a red dot between your eyes on your head. If after some time the bidi starts appearing to yourself, then understand that hypnosis power has awakened in you.
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4. On Thursday, mixing the root of banana in the original constellation in vermilion, grinding stone daily increases the power of attraction.
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5. Place the flower of the ball in a pulp, and sprinkle some turmeric powder and grind it with the Ganges water and apply tilak on the forehead. Charming power increases. +919888403090
6. Many times if you feel that problems and problems are increasing. The arrival of money has stopped or you have been tantric rehearsed by someone, then you must use this trick, you will get their effect soon.
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Remedies for immunization with Tantric reactions
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1. Mix together yellow mustard, goggle, frankincense and cow dung, and burn them in the sunlight and burn it within 1 hour of sunset. Do this for 21 days and smoke it in the whole house. This leaves the negative forces away.
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2. Gavitri, Gayatri and saffron, and rubbing them, mixing goggles and making the sun burn it in the house for 21 days in the morning. Gradually the Tantric reactions will end.
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3. Gau, Ichchan and Tagar bring a small quantity and put them in red cloth and put them in the place of worship. By the grace of Shiva, the effect of all sorrows will end.
4. Keep clean house clean and sprinkle cow urine in the house for 7 days with pepper leaves and then burn the sunny Guggal sunlight.
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5. Many times it happens that the enemy gets entangled by your success and progress and performs the duty of Tantrikas. To prevent this from the side effects of the business, to avoid its adverse effect, immerse yourself in burning water on daybreak by turning 1/1 kg black urad, one kilogram of black and one kilogram of black and one black cloth, and turning it 21 times above your head and Hanuman Take care of G Do this seven consecutive Saturdays. Tantric reactions will be completely exhausted.
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6. If you feel like someone wants to kill you, then take 21 seeds of Papaya and go to Shiva Mandir and take a light bulb by raising raw milk on Shivalinga and sit near the Shivling and keep the papaya seeds in front of them. Speaking of your name, Gauta, pray for Lord Shiva and protect the chants of Mahamrityunjaya mantra and gather the seeds and fill them in the embrace of copper fill in the throats.
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7. If the enemy is unnecessarily disturbed, then cut the lemon into 4 parts and cross the intersection, meditating on your favored god, throw one part in all four directions and come home and wash your hands and feet. Tantric reactions will get rid of.
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8. On the Shukla side, on the 4th of Gomti Chakra rotating with his head and throw it in four directions, then the effect of the Tantric reactions on the person ceases. solutions in 48hrs

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