Tuesday, 21 March 2017

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Mantra of success in love +917696271204
Whenever you love someone remember that patience and wait is the best solution www.lovemarriageguruji.in

• The boy should wear a penna (Emerald) ring in order to be successful in love, it keeps the charm in mind.
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• Lovers couple should not be found on Saturdays and New Year's Eve. There can be a dispute over any matter between these days ... Anything else of each other can look bad and there can be doubts in achieving success in love relations.
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• Lovers couple should try that meet on Friday and full moon day. The Friday, which is full moon, is very auspicious, meeting on this day enhances love and attraction.
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• By wearing white clothes, offering a perfume of red roses and jasmine on any religious place, pray with a sincere heart to the success of your love will surely benefit.
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Vashikantan Mantra - Chant the Mantra of work and attraction. Www.lovemarriageguruji.in +917696271204

Mantra- Oon Khein Namah.
Chant this mantra to increase the power of attraction. Cleen Krishan Gopión Vallabhwa Swaha:

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